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Pogba Dances With His Brothers As Football's Stars Celebrate Christmas
Footballers across Europe have been enjoying precious family time as they celebrate Christmas
But perhaps the most energetic post of Christmas came from Paul Pogba`s brother Mathias, who shared a video of himself dancing alongside the United midfielder and their other brother, Florentin.
In two posts on his account, Mathias wrote: `That`s how a party day is going on with the pogbance united.
Paul Pogba was tagged in an amusing video dancing with his brothers on Christmas Day
Matthias Pogba wrote in the caption ``Enjoy these days guys it`s important family time`
Pogba was seen showing off his moves alongside brothers Mathias and Florentin
Pogba said: `That`s what happens when we`re all together` before calling on Benjamin Mendy
`Enjoy these days guys it`s important family time. Are we crazy? No. Are we enjoying? YES that`s the difference.` 
Pogba later shared more footage himself, writing: `This is what happens when we get together` and then asking Manchester City defender Benjamin Mendy to join them. He also tagged Everton defender Kurt Zouma. 
The mood among all of the United players would have been undoubtedly helped by their impressive 5-1 victory over Cardiff on Saturday under interim manager Ole Gunnar Solskjaer.
A week to the day that Jose Mourinho was sacked as manager, David De Gea was pictured in an amusing snap with his other half, Spanish singer Edurne.
The United goalkeeper was wearing a fluffy white Christmas hat and green glasses with Christmas trees coming out of the top.
Manchester United goalkeeper David De Gea posed for a picture with his partner Edurne
Marcus Rashford posed alongside a huge Christmas tree to with his followers well 
Zinedine Zidane - linked with the United job - was in Abu Dhabi with his family
In London, Chelsea striker Alvaro Morata was spending Christmas with his wife and twins
PSG striker Neymar shared a picture on his Instagram on Christmas Day captioned `family`
Chelsea midfielder Willian posted a festive picture with his wife, daughters and a huge teddy
Former England captain Wayne Rooney shared a snap of him with his wife Coleen and kids
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His Old Trafford team-mate, Marcus Rashford, posed next to a giant Christmas tree in his Christmas jumper, sending his seasons greetings to all of his followers.
One man who has been linked with replacing Mourinho on a permanent basis is the former Real Madrid manager Zinedine Zidane.
He appears to be spending Christmas in Abu Dhabi with some of his family and described his trip as an `amazing visit.`  
Over in London, Chelsea striker Alvaro Morata was enjoying time with his wife Alice and his twin children who were born in July.
England captain Harry Kane also posed with his young family as he celebrated Christmas Day ahead of Tottenham`s Boxing Day clash with Bournemouth.  
Tottenham and England star Harry Kane poses with his young family on Christmas Day
Manchester City playmaker Bernardo Silva was sporting a colourful Christmas jumper 
Silva`s team-mate Raheem Sterling also took to social media with a picture of his family
Leicester`s Jamie Vardy will take on Silva and Sterling in one of the Boxing Day fixtures 
Nicolas Otamendi and Sergio Aguero were pictured celebrating Christmas among friends
Sportsmail columnist Peter Crouch posted a pic with wife Abby Clancy in matching pyjamas
The blue half of Manchester saw Bernardo Silva and Raheem Sterling post pictures of their festive celebrations.
Argentine duo Nicolas Otamendi and Sergio Aguero were pictured among a big group of friends celebrating the day together. 
Manchester City play Leicester on Boxing Day where they will come up against Jamie Vardy, https://lunapiece.net/FreeBoard/14192091 whose led the Foxes to a shock win over Chelsea at the weekend.
And while the England striker will soon try to spearhead another Premier League shock, he was enjoying downtime with wife Rebekah on Tuesday. 
Over in Spain, Lionel Messi`s wife, Antonella Roccuzzo, shared a picture of the Barcelona star and their family on Christmas morning with caption `Happy happy happy Christmas`. 
Barcelona star Lionel Messi was pictured with wife Antonello Rocuzzo and their children
Kylian Mbappe was sunning himself at Christmas with Bursaspor player Jires Kembo
Ballon d`Or winner and Real Madrid midfielder Luka Modric was celebrating with his family
Antoine Griezmann was with brother Theo (left) as PSG`s Julian Draxler posed next to his tree
Less conventional, as ever, was Patrice Evra, who was dressed as Santa, on a swing, on a beach
And the festive cheer spread across to his Barcelona strike partner Luis Suarez, who shared a similar snap.
The Uruguayan wrote `Merry Christmas wishes from the Suarez family, with lots of love.` 
His Barca team-mate Ivan Rakitic was also well and truly in the Christmas spirit with his family. 
Real Madrid midfielder Luka Modric shared a picture with his wife and children after what has been a fantastic year for the playmaker.
He won the Champions League with Madrid and player of the tournament for his performances at the World Cup with runners-up Croatia.
Modric then won the Ballon d`Or to round off a superb year of honours. 
PSG striker Kylian Mbappe was enjoying the sunshine on Christmas day as he holidayed with Bursaspor player Jires Kembo. Mbappe`s strike partner Neymar shared a picture alongside his loved ones, titled `family`.
Barcelona pair Luis Suarez and Ivan Rakitic sent Christmas wishes to their fans 
Bayern Munich striker Robert Lewandowski posed alongside his wife and daughter 
Daniel Sturridge - and his dog - wished his Instagram followers a Merry Christmas
Former Manchester United defender Daley Blind also included his canine friend in his picture
Atletico Madrid forward Antoine Griezmann was celebrating with his family in France. 
Paris Saint-Germain attacker Julian Draxler posed next to his Christmas tree in his PSG shirt as he greeted his followers on social media.
In Germany, the Bundseliga Christmas break is in full flow and Bayern Munich striker Robert Lewandowski was enjoying the festivities with his wife Anna and their daughter. 
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