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Fabregas Reveals Mbappe Is The One Player He Would Sign As A Manager
Cesc Fabregas has revealed that Paris Saint-Germain superstar Kylian Mbappe is the one player he would sign as a manager.
The former Arsenal midfielder, www.oldschoolminecraft.com who has faced off against Mbappe in Ligue 1 during his current stint with Monaco, highlighted the Frenchman`s young age and formidable talent as the key reasons behind his interest.
Fabregas also likened Mbappe, who became the world`s second-most expensive player after moving to the French capital from Monaco for £166million, to his former team-mate Thierry Henry.
Cesc Fabregas revealed Kylian Mbappe is the player he would attempt to sign as a manager
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The 32-year-old, currently on the books at the club where Mbappe burst spectacularly into the limelight, was questioned over his dream transfer target should he ever enter the world of management.
Fabregas progressed through the famed Barcelona academy, La Masia, alongside Lionel Messi - and the pair clinched a number of trophies after the former moved back to his boyhood club in 2012.
The veteran midfielder has also regularly endured showdowns with Cristiano Ronaldo during his time in the Premier League and LaLiga.
But when questioned over which player he would snap up, Fabregas instead turned his attention to the PSG prodigy. 
Fabregas highlighted Mbappe`s young age and superb talent as reasons behind his interest
`Cristiano is 35 and Leo is going to turn 33, they are older,` he told Spanish station Cadena Cope. `For youth, talent, desire and mentality, I would sign Mbappe. The thought of having him for 10 years up front for my team, I would go for him.
`Then there are players like Neymar and [Erling] Haaland, but due to his goal getting and his speed, Mbappe reminds me of [Thierry] Henry. I saw him from in behind and it was a delight when you gave him a long pass into space.`
Mbappe has netted 30 goals across all competitions this campaign as well as also created 17 more - and was also found in a similar rich vein of scoring form last season.
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