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Conte Admits He WILL Quit Inter If Club Chiefs Are Unhappy With Him
Questions continue to be asked over Antonio Conte`s future at Inter Milan after he insisted that he remains committed to the club...
while also admitting he was prepared to quit.
Conte`s mixed messages followed Inter`s 3-1 win over Torino on Monday night, a return to form following a poor run amid the resumption of Serie A which has seen their title bid disintegrate.
Inter`s win saw them move back into second place in the table, albeit still eight points behind Juventus with six games to go, and there still remains a cloud hanging over their irascible boss.
Doubts remain over Antonio Conte`s future at Inter Milan despite their win over Torino
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The legendary Fabio Capello notably stuck the knife into Conte before the game, saying `after £150million spent on purchases, more was expected of him and Inter`.
When asked about his future after the Torino win, Conte told Sky Sports Italia: `I was called to Inter for a three-year project, to bring them back where they deserve to be.
Inevitably, that takes time. I came here with so much enthusiasm. I have faith.
`I started a three-year project and [my contract] lasts three years. After that, if they want to extend my contract... I`m happy, I know there`s a long way to go, but I don`t want to overstay my welcome.
`If everyone`s happy with the job I`m doing, and I think that`s the case right now, from what I`ve been told, then I don`t see why we shouldn`t go on.
`If they`re not happy with the job I`m doing then I won`t hesitate to step aside.`
Ashley Young was among those on target in the much-needed comeback victory
But Conte`s insistence after the game that he would stay at Inter was less than convincing
Inter were without £73million striker Romelu Lukaku against Torino but goals from Ashley Young, Diego Godin and telegra.ph Lautaro Martinez saw Conte`s men fight back after Andrea Bellotti`s opener. 
`We`re much less predictable than we were before as now we attack with more men. The result must crown the effort we put in and when it doesn`t, it disappoints me.
`We`ve been punished excessively by certain incidents, but we`re on the right track: playing attacking football and overloading our opponents` box.`
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