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Run Alex! WAG Curran Sprints To Escape Parking Fine In Liverpool
Run Alex! WAG Curran sprints to escape parking fine in Liverpool
By Daily Mail Reporter
Updated: 17:49 BST, 15 October 2010
You`d think super-WAG Alex Curran`s idea of exercise would normally be a strenuous shopping spree.
But the wife of England superstar Steven Gerrard had to run like the wind to avoid a parking ticket in Liverpool this week.
Race Against Time: Alex runs from lunch at the Neighbourhood cafe in Liverpool to ensure her Aston Martin DBS isn`t ticketed
The blonde beauty, 28, had been out for lunch with two friends in her regular haunt the Neighbourhood cafe, leaving her Aston Martin DBS on double yellow lines to be eyed up by a predatory ticket inspector.
Curran sprinted like her life depended on it to get back to the £130,000 car, sporting a Team GB Olympics training top and leggings.
Surely her superstar husband would have had no trouble paying the £60 fine?
Ever the charmer, the mother-of-two gave the ticket inspector a big, cheery smile, asking: `Am I too late?` He let her off.
All Fine Now: The uber-WAG gives the ticket inspector a big grin now she`s had a lucky escape
It`s no wonder Curran had little trouble running to her car - she took up running as a way to lose the 8lbs she gained last year. 
She said at the time: `When I started training, I could barely jog a mile - now I can run for three or four miles.
`I`m full of energy afterwards and my arms are toned and my bottom is a lot firmer.
It was very wobbly before.`
Parking rules in Liverpool mean if wardens spot an illegally parked car they have to give owners five minutes to return to their vehicles before they can issue a ticket - and Curran arrived just in time.
After parking the car around a corner, Curran returned to continue her lunch.
The Great Escape: Steven Gerrard`s wife gets into the car, free of a ticket, http://wiki.3c.group/index.php/Steven_Gerrard_Calls_For_Jurgen_Klopp_To_Be_Given_Anfield_Statue as the ticket inspector stands by
A regular at the trendy cafe in south Liverpool, Curran`s car parking attracts tickets `like confetti`, according to one source.
Liverpool City Council today denied that blonde hair, beautiful looks and a winning smile was anything to do with avoiding a parking fine.
A spokesman said: `If she moved the vehicle in time that is fine.
Our priority is not to give people tickets but to make sure illegally parked cars are moved as soon as possible to keep the streets clear and keep traffic moving.`
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