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WAG Workout With A Difference: Alex Gerrard Pounds The Pavement With Her Mother In Liverpool
WAG workout with a difference: Alex Gerrard pounds the pavement with her mother in Liverpool
By Sarah Fitzmaurice
Updated: 10:53 BST, 3 February 2011
Keeping a trim physique is of the utmost important to any WAG but while most may hire celebrity trainers or work out in luxury home gyms, Alex Gerrard likes nothing better than heading out for a run with her mum.
The 28-year-old model was spotted in Formby, Liverpool pounding the pavements with her mum Kim Curran and having a good chat along the way too.
The-mother-of-two was showing off a slim and trim physique as she jogged lightly along wrapped up warm with a red jacket and woolly hat on her head.
Family fun run: Alex Gerrard pounded the pavement in Liverpool yesterday with her mother Kim Curran and the pair chatted along the way
Alex`s mother Kim, 52, was also showing off a svelte physique braving the chilly temperatures in a fleecy zip up jacket and gloves.
Steven Gerrard`s wife flashed her trim midriff, which appeared totally flat as she ran along the roads.
And despite the chilly temperatures Alex got her heart pounding and worked up a sweat taking off her red jacket to reveal a black addidas gym top in order to cool down.
Slim and trim: Alex showed off a svelte physique in her Lycra work out gear but she covered up with a red jacket and a woolly hat to keep warm
And while most WAGS would not be seen dead exercises without makeup, Alex was looking pretty and fresh-faced as she exerted herself.
In her OK! Magazine column this week Alex spoke of her shock about statistics which suggest that one-in-three women wouldn`t leave the house without make-up on.
She wrote: ‘I don`t have a problem leaving the house without make-up and I always drop off the kids or go to the gym without any on.`
Having a natter: Alex and Kim enjoyed a chat as they jogged along and shared a joke
In fact Alex even managed a smile for the cameras as she wound down her workout looking out of breathe.
The WAG is so dedicated to her fitness regime that she was spotted braving the snow in December to enjoy a run. 
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Gerrard undertook an entire exercise and diet overhaul in 2009 after she was pictured looking slightly larger on holiday.
Fresh-faced: Alex has spoken of her shock at statistics that one-in-three women won`t leave the house without makeup on and wasn`t wearing any for her run
And afterwards, she admitted she had been eating three fast food meals a week - leading to her weight gain.
She said: `Last year a pap took some pics of me and I had a few rolls.
I`ve been eating rubbish for so many years.
`I used to eat McDonald`s all the time because whenever I was on my way to Liverpool, I used to stop and get one. I reckon I`d probably have about three McDonald`s a week.
`I`d have sausages on toast for breakfast or bacon.
Working up a sweat: Alex seemed to have got her heart racing as she took off her jacket at the end of her jog with her mother
`Then for lunch I`d go out with my mates.
Quite often we`d have Chinese or I`d have a big sandwich with chips.`
`Eating`s a boredom thing. When you`ve got nothing else to do, you just start planning your next meal.`
But now, Gerrard will go for www.ffxiv-wiki.com cereal or porridge for breakfast, followed by salad or sushi for lunch and a healthy dinner.
And it certainly seems to be working the mother-of-two looked fitter than ever in Liverpool this morning.
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