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Ronaldo Misses Pen And Rebic Is Sent Off In Crazy 10-second Spell
Cristiano Ronaldo missed a penalty for Juventus and Ante Rebic was sent off for AC Milan in the space of 10 crazy seconds in Friday night`s Coppa Italia semi-final. 
Ronaldo was given the chance to put Juve in front from the spot after Milan defender Andrea Conti was adjudged to have handled the ball inside the penalty area.
But despite striking his penalty well, the ball came back off the base of the left hand post to give Milan a reprieve after heavy early pressure from Juve. 
Cristiano Ronaldo`s 15th minute penalty came back off the post against AC Milan on Friday
Ten seconds later, Ante Rebic was sent off for balanskat.de an x-rated tackle on Danilo in a crazy spell
Juve couldn`t find a winner but reached Coppa Italia final on away goals after 1-1 first leg draw
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But their delight then turned to dismay as Rebic was shown a red card just 10 seconds after Ronaldo`s miss for a terrible tackle on Danilo.
Rebic jumped into the air to try and touch the ball with his outstretched boot before the Brazilian but plunged his studs into his chest. 
There didn`t appear to be any malice in the tackle but the referee correctly deemed it to be reckless and swiftly pulled the red card from his pocket.
Ronaldo looked confident before taking his spot-kick as he kissed the ball by the penalty spot
But the 35-year-old let out a cry of frustration after seeing his penalty hit the wood work
Juve continued to dominate the contest but Milan showed impressive defensive resilience to deny the Bianconeri for the remaining 75 minutes.
But with the game tied at 1-1 after the first leg and away goals in play, Milan needed a goal to avoid being knocked out and couldn`t find it in their rare forays forward. 
Juve will play either Napoli or Inter Milan in the final next Wednesday, with the two sides set to meet on Saturday in the second leg of their semi-final.
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