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Kolkata Crush Gujarat By 10 Wickets In IPL
RAJKOT, India (AP) - Chris Lynn and Gautam Gambhir blew away Gujarat Lions and gave Kolkata Knight Riders an opening 10-wicket win in the Indian Premier League on Friday.
The Lions made a streaky 183-4, which looked tough to beat, but Lynn and Gambhir strolled to 184 without loss in less than 15 overs.
Lynn was 93 not out off 41 balls, including eight sixes, and upheld the same devastating form he showed in Australia`s Big Bash in December and January, www.malosh.net when he posted unbeaten scores of 98, 85 and 84.
His fifth and last Twenty20 for Australia was more than a year ago.
Gambhir, 76 not out off 48 balls, including a dozen to the boundary, eclipsed Virat Kohli as the highest run-scorer in IPL history.
Lynn was the sledgehammer while Gambhir was the slicer, and they were into their stride quickly, taking 13 off the second over from Dhawal Kulkarni, and 17 off the third over from Manpreet Gony, another former India medium-pacer.
Lynn reached 50 off 19 balls in a 23-run seventh over bowled by West Indies medium-pacer Dwayne Smith.
Gambhir got to his 50 off 33 balls, as the Lions paid for their lack of bowling variation.
Lynn was dropped in the eventful 15th over by Brendon McCullum and Smith, then hit the winning runs for the Knight Riders to achieve chasing down the highest total without losing a wicket in the IPL.
The Lions opened with Jason Roy and McCullum, and Roy was out first for 14 on 22-1.
McCullum shared a 50-run stand with Suresh Raina before he was out lbw for 35.
Raina held the innings together but he was dropped on 12 and 50 and should have been run out on 46.
He was allowed to make 68.
Dinesh Karthik provided the fireworks at the end with 47 off 25, and the Lions must have thought they had enough to defend.
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