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Police Called As Katie Price And Alex Reid's Wedding Blessing Descends Into Violence
Police called as Katie Price and Alex Reid`s wedding blessing descends into violence
By Mail online Reporter
Updated: 11:12 BST, 6 July 2010
Katie Price and Alex Reid`s wedding blessing made a mockery of their plans for an intimate, low-key event yesterday when a clash between photographers and security broke out.
It appears the fame-hungry model`s habit of selling access to her life to the highest bidder came back to bite her, as ugly scenes marred her big day.
Police were called as security guards tried to stop the paparazzi from photographing the couple, to protect their deal with ITV2 for exclusive rights to the ceremony.
Struggle: A photographer is held to the ground by a security guard after attempting to catch Katie Price and Alex Reid on camera
Desperation: Police were called after the heated scuffle between photographers and security
The scuffles began as Katie arrived at St Paul`s Church in Woldingham, Surrey, in a replica black A-Team van, with security using sheets to stop photographers getting any pictures.
A spokesman for Price said the scuffles involved `people trying to enter Katie Price`s car at today`s ceremony.
`She is understandably shaken and upset by the actions of these people but is now looking to enjoy the rest of her day with her close friends and family.`
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A Surrey Police spokesperson confirmed: `We have been advised of an alleged assault outside the church which we are currently looking in to.`
Scuffles: Police were called to the event as fights broke out between security guards and photographers
Upset: Katie was said to be `shaken` by people trying to get into her car as she arrived
Despite boasting that she hadn`t signed a media deal for her wedding to Reid in Las Vegas this year, it seems the couple were more than happy to sign a lucrative contract with ITV2 for their blessing ceremony.
And while Price insisted the ceremony would be much more low-key than her 2005 wedding, the entire event is set to be broadcast on ITV2.
Katie & Alex: For Better For Worse, will be shown as a three-part special on the channel later this summer.
The show will follow the couple during preparations for their summer wedding bash, the blessing itself and their honeymoon.
Guests at the church were reportedly asked to sign confidentiality agreements and to hand in their mobile phones at the door as they attended the lavish church ceremony. 
Understated: Katie arrived in a black replica A-Team van with blacked out windows
A heavily-pregnant Danielle Lloyd was one of the first guests to arrive, while Michelle `Liberty X` Heaton and glamour girl Emma B, were also expected to attend as bridesmaids.
Melinda Messenger also made an appearance, looking summery in a pewter-coloured dress.
Other guests arrived at the picturesque village church by Range Rover and a coach with a banner bearing the words `Congratulations Katie and Alex` hung across the front window.
Picturesque: The church of St Paul`s in Woldingham, Surrey, where the blessing took place
Blooming lovely: Danielle Lloyd wore a one sleeved Grecian-style maxidress to proudly set off her huge bump, accompanied by footballer fiancé Jamie O`Hara
Pretty in pewter: Melinda Messenger wore a pretty embellished dress
A crowd of about 40 well-wishers had gathered outside the church hoping to get a glimpse of the bride but were left disappointed.
Katie`s first wedding was to Peter Andre in 2005, when she arrived in a Cinderella-style carriage, xdate24.co.uk wearing a huge pink dress and it`s thought today`s nuptials will be equally understated.
Two marquees had been set up in anticipation for the main event - one actual marquee and one `decoy` tent.
On the buses: The red double decker that was ferrying guests to the reception
Argy bargy: Bouncers restrain a photographer trying to take pictures of the happy couple
One marquee had been set up at Katie`s former marital home with popstar Andre in Surrey, while another, thought to be the decoy to fox photographers and the press, was erected at her new house in West Sussex.
Katie and Alex, who married in Las Vegas in February, planned the blessing to ensure their friends and family had the chance to congratulate them on their wedded bliss.
Among the guests who were invited to attend included This Morning host Holly Willoughby, Big Brother presenter Davina McCall and England captain Steven Gerrard and wife Alex Curran - but all are said to have declined the invitation.
Preparations: A marquee was set up at Katie Price`s house in Surrey ahead of her wedding blessing to Alex Reid
Decoy: A separate marquee had also been set up at Katie`s new house in Sussex
Price, who had glittering, pink-fuelled nuptials when she wed Andre, said her latest wedding event was going to be a homegrown DIY affair.
`We`re all going to do it as a family thing, how really it should be done, not how other people tell you to do it,` she said recently.
`We`re not going to have a wedding planner, we`re literally going to do it ourselves.`
Marital bliss: Katie and Alex, seen at their respective hen and stag do
Television divas: Katie and Alex`s blessing will be broadcast as a three-part special on ITV2
Price said: `It`s going to be great sharing this fantastic day with my friends and family.
`I can`t wait to celebrate our love for each other again.`
Cage fighter and actor Reid added: `Katie and I are really looking forward to spending our special day with our family and close friends.
`Seeing her walk down the aisle again and being able to share it with the people we love will make this truly memorable.`
Following the church blessing, Katie and Alex left in the A-Team van and the guests were taken back to the model`s former marital home with Peter Andre in the village.
Wedded bliss: The price list for the wedding blessing church flowers and the finished blooms lining the aisle of St Paul`s Church 
For better for worse: Bouncers shield the happy couple as they enter the church to be blessed by the local vicar
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